3D Animation Specialization Course

Our Teaching Methord - Show Creating an ART WORK & help students to do the same - than Assign with new work.

PHILLOS Animation & Multimedia Institute Bangalore We teach the fundamental scenarios of 3D designing and Animations. Students will learn the Maya basics of modelling, texturing, Skinning, Lighting and Rendering, and Utility Nodes, Texturing and Texture Mapping, Adobe Photoshop Basics, Tiling and Layering Textures, Block Texturing a Non-Organic Object and Texture Distressing.

Students will also learn advanced Shading networks with File Textures, Mental Ray Shaders, Maya Hypershade,

Graph Editor and Key Framing, Deformer and Path Animation, Clusters, Blend-shapes and connections,

Expressions and Rigging, Lamp Animations.
Students will also entail the Art of Lighting, Gobos and Cookies, Daylight, Night and Artificial Lighting, Image

Based Lighting, Photographic Lighting, Lighting and Shadows, Ray Tracing and Depth of Field, Final Gather and

Image Based Lighting, Render Layers and Compositing

Timings : daily 1 to 9pm ( Monday to friday)
Weekend classes (Saturday 3- 4hrs / 6 weekend)

Duration : 12 Months | 1hrs theory & Practical/day

Eligibility : Candidates should no basics of computer

Who Can Learn….? : Anybody, No age limit / Education Limit for Creative world..

3D Animation Course Duration

Regular Track - 10 Months | 1.5 hours a day | Live Classroom
Weekend Track - 50 Weekends | 3 hours a day | Live Classroom
Fast Track- 6 Months | 3 to 4 hours a day | Live Classroom

3D Animation Course Syllabus

Introduction to Hand Drawings

Drawing a line, Circle & Curve

Creating Basic Shapes

Hand Drawings & Sketching

Lighting & Shadow

Creating A Character

Body Parts

6 Headed Character


Character Psychology study

Pose to Pose drawing Animation

History of Animation

Story Telling

Story & Script

Story Boarding

Introduction to 2D Animation

Basics of 2d Animation

Converting 2D Drawings to Animation

Using Flash

Creating a character

Ball Bouncing

Walk Cycle

Run Cycle

(Students can able to understand basics of Drawings, Sketches, Story boarding, story, Scripting, And Overview of making a movie)


Basics of 3D Softwares

Introduction To 3D



Principles of modelling
Simple Modelling
Buildings/ Background Modelling
Character Modelling

(Students will learn types of modelling Ex, Building modelling, Character modelling, CAR / Bike modelling and creative works on modelling)

Appling material to model
Bump Mapping
UV Editor

(Students will learn Applieng the texture for modelling like rock, mud, metalllic, glow, Bump, back ground texturing etc.)


Lighting Effects

Lighting & Animation
Types of Lights

(Students will learn Applieng diffrent types of light like day light night light spot light directional light, Fogging Effect Etc.)



Basics of rigging
Parent and child Concept



Basics of Dynamics
Gravity / Rotation etc



Introduction to Animation and Stimulations

Poses (Diffrent Types of poses)
Animating Objects (Simple Animation)

Keyframe Animation
Walk Cycle
Run Cycle
Jump cycle
Character Animation


Movie Making (Creating a short movie individual or Group using Diffrent Rigs and Bgs)

(Students will learn Applieng the texture for modelling like rock, mud, metalllic, glow, Bump, back ground texturing etc.)


Rendering (Taking a complete output from 3D to Video Format)

Using Camera

Audio Video Editing

Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects (Converting out put to video sequence and Adding effects, Sounds, Background music and Names for short Movie)


Main Project : Short movie on Animation / Demo Real

Animation Courses in Bangalore fees : 65,000/-

3D Animation training in Bangalore

Regular Classes

Duration : 12 Months (3hrs /day theory + practicals)

Weekend Training Classes( Saturday Only)

Duration : 12 Months

Fast Track Training Program( 5+ hours daily)
Duration : Completed within 4 Month

3D Animation trainer Profile & PlacementS

More than 11+ Years of experience in Graphic designing, web designing, Video Editing, animation & Short movie making areas

Has worked on 100's of realtime multimedia and other projects

Experienced in handling the clients & taking the requirements

Trained 500+ Students so far Completed number of Trainings.

Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge in Multimedia

Multimedia Real time well experienced Professional can teach only on live scenarios

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Our Specialities

Batch Flexibility

Students can choose a batch of their choice, weekend batches are available for working professionals

Very Less Fee Structure

Comapred to other institute fee structure here is very less

Effective Training

Practical Courses provide effective training since it covers all the areas of the course.


Course Completion certificates will be issued after the courses

Course materials

Softcopy of course material will be given to every student

Placement Assistance

Placement support will be done after the course completion

Individual Support

Teachers can focus on the query of all students individually.

Live Training

While studying you will be working on live projects for better understanding.

Practical Training

courses are more focused on practical knowledge and Live Training rather than theoretical knowledge.


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3D Animation Course


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