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PHILLOS training institute Bangalore offers an inclusive Excel and Progressed Exceed expectations preparing in Bangalore. The broad down to earth preparing given by advanced Exceed expectations preparing founded in Bangalore equips live information and Automations. Such detailed Excel and Progressed Exceed expectations course has made a difference our understudies secure work in different MNCs. The coaches at PHILLOS preparing founded Bangalore are subject pro corporate experts giving in-depth ponder in Exceed expectations and Progressed Exceed expectations course in Bangalore. Members completing the Exceed expectations and Progressed Exceed expectations certification have plenty of work openings within the industry.

Elegiblity of learning Advanced Excel course from different quantitative foundations Freshers, Graduates, students, working proffesional, BPO, KPO officials, etc. For anyone and Everyone who is trying to find best career in IT, Fund, Clinical information, commerce investigators or investigators, HR, Etc

Our Advanced Excel Training in Bangalore is planned ordinarily at a time that best suites you, we offer normal preparing classes (day time classes), end of the week preparing classes, and quick track preparing classes. Our Progressed Exceed expectations Preparing course charge is temperate and tailor-made based on preparing necessity. Our group will make you certain & comfortable in breaking interviews.

We too give end of the week preparing through which you'll get to our instructional exercise Anyplace, Anytime which is important and Moo Taken a toll. We offer a captivating compelling intelligently environment with energetic substance, e-Learning that not as it were viably keeps individuals up-to-date, but interested as well. Its a One Halt Learning arrangements for all IT and Non IT Preparing in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Do you know...?

For MS Excel 2010, Row numbers ranges from 1 to 1048576; in total 1048576 rows,
and Columns ranges from A to XFD; in total 16384 columns.

Advanced Excel Course Duration

Regular Track - 20 days | 1.5 hours a day | Live Classroom
Online Class - 20 days | 1 hour a day | Live Classroom
Weekend Track - 4 to 5 Weekends | 3 hours a day | Live Classroom
Fast Track - 3 to 5 Days | 3 to 4 hours a day | Live Classroom

Advanced Excel Course fees in bangalore

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Introduction to MS Excel

What you learn in Advanced Excel Course ? Basic to advanced excel | Data importing | Data Analysis | Reporting | Data Automation using VBA Macros | MIS Reporting




Insert Menu Option In Excel

How to use the Pivot Tables & Pivot Table With Pivot Charts in Excel
Using the Table Options, Picture, Clip Art, Shapes
Using the Columnar Chart, Bar Chart, Pi Chart, Doughnut
Using the Smart Art, Hyperlink, Text Boxes

Using the Word Art, Header & Footer, Object, Symbol options

Working with page layout menu

Margins, Orientation, Size, Set Print Area,

Remove print area, page break, back ground,

Print Titles, Grid Lines, Heading.


Formula Menu

Mathematical functions

Sum, sumif, sumifs, count, countif, countifs,

Mod, sqrt, round, roman, counta, averageif

Character functions

Upper, lower, proper, concatenate,

Left, right, length

Date functions

Today(), now(), edate(), eomonth(), networkdays(), datedif()

Boolean functions

And, or if condition,

Compound if statements trace precedencts,

Trace dependents,

Watch window,

Formula auditing,

Error checking,

Define name, name manager

Data menu

Subtotal, group, ungroup,

Scenario manager

Goal seek,data table,


Data validation,

Remove duplicates,

Text to columns,

Advanced filter,

Sort, get external data

Review menu


Protecting spread sheet,

Protect workbook,

Allows user to edit ranges.


Normal, page layout, custom view, full screen,

Show hide, zoom,

New window,

Freeze panes,

Save work space

Other functions




Excel Automation using
VBA & Macros Course Outline

Control flow structures




How to write range print using linear programming

How to use exit sub

How to use message box and inputbox

How to declare variables and using variables how to take print on

Excel sheet and message box

If statements

Goto statements in if condition

If else statements


Do loop (entry conditional loop)

Do while loop (exit conditional loop)

Do until loop

For loop

Single dimentional array

Two dimentional array

switch case programming

Event driven programming

how to create command buttons

How to write linear, sequential, iteratives using command buttons


Assigning macros to shapes

Creating user forms

How to create pay slip using forms

How to take print on excel sheet using forms

How to write vlookup using form

How to create menu items using multitab, tabs on form

How to use check box and option buttons on forms

How to call user defined functions in forms


User defined functions

How to convert formulas into user defined functions

How to write if else statements using functions

How to call user defined functions on excel sheets

How to call user defined functions in macros and forms

Classes and objects

How to create class functions and

Creating object and

Calling function in forms

Advanced excel course materials will be given to students

Advanced Excel Trainer Profile & Placement

  • More than 10+ Years of experience in Advanced Excel, SAS, SQL & Business analytical Technologies.
  • Trained 3200+ Students so far.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge

Advanced Excel Placement Support in Bangalore

  • More than 5400+ students Trained
  • 71% percent Placement Record
  • 257+ Interviews Support Given

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Course Completion certificates will be issued after the courses

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Individual Support

Teachers can focus on the query of all students individually.

Live Training

While studying you will be working on live projects for better understanding.

Practical Training

courses are more focused on practical knowledge and Live Training rather than theoretical knowledge.


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Advanced Excel & MIS Course

vba & macros course

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Clinical sas Course

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