Duration : 60 Hrs | 2hrs /day -theory & Practicals


About this Course

What would a world without internet, Google, Face book, Twitter and all these 21st century brilliant, innovative, essential technologies be like? Would you like to have the knowledge and creative edge to be able to redesign the web and get ahead of international markets through innovation and creativity? This course equips students without any previous knowledge with the essentials for each and every stage of the complete web design process - from the visual aspects to the 'invisible' components of web design. Using industry standard applications students enrolling for this course will be able to create effective, attractive websites and have complete knowledge of each step required.


What you learn....?

Complete website designing, table and table less websites, static and dynamic websites, Uploading web to server, redesigning pages, page links, banners, buttons, SEO and etc

Course Outline

Building the Website Concept Design in Photoshop

Introduction to Photoshop

Understand Photoshop Interface

Image Editing Tools

Importing and Organizing Images

Making Selections

Layers, Masks and Slicing

Working with Image Types

Preparing, Saving and Exporting the Template to Dreamweaver

Adobe Flash

Theory & Concepts

Setting Project Requirements

Understanding the Interface

Identifying Elements

Flash File Types

Managing File Size

Tools Panel


Add Controls through Action Script

Import & Use Sound

Add & Export Video

Publish & Export Flash Documents

Banner and button creation for websites..

Website Design in Dreamweaver

Introduction to Dreamweaver



Creating web site and links

Understand Dreamweaver Interface


Introduction to HTML

HTML Tutorial
HTML Introduction
HTML Editors
HTML Basic
HTML Elements
HTML Attributes
HTML Headings
HTML Paragraphs
HTML Styles
HTML Formatting
HTML Quotations
HTML Computercode
HTML Comments
HTML Links
HTML Images
HTML Tables
HTML Lists
HTML Blocks
HTML Classes
HTML Layout
HTML Responsive
HTML Iframes
HTML Color Names
HTML Color Values
HTML Color Shades
HTML JavaScript
HTML Entities
HTML Symbols
HTML Charset
HTML Forms
HTML Forms
HTML Form Elements
HTML Input Types
HTML Input Attributes
HTML5 Intro
HTML5 Support
HTML5 Elements
HTML5 Semantics
HTML5 Migration
HTML5 Style Guide
HTML Graphics
HTML Canvas
HTML Media
HTML Media
HTML Video
HTML Audio
HTML Plug-ins
HTML YouTube
HTML Geolocation
HTML Drag/Drop
HTML Local Storage
HTML App Cache
HTML Web Workers
HTML Examples
HTML Examples
HTML5 Quiz
HTML Certificate
HTML5 Certificate
HTML Summary
HTML References
HTML Tag List
HTML Attributes
HTML Events
HTML Canvas
HTML Audio/Video
HTML Doctypes
HTML Colornames
HTML Colorgroups
HTML Colorpicker
HTML Colormixer
HTML Character Sets
HTML Lang Codes

Introduction to CSS

CSS Introduction
CSS Syntax
CSS Selectors
CSS How To
CSS Backgrounds
CSS Text
CSS Fonts
CSS Links, Lists
CSS Tables
CSS Box Model
CSS Border
CSS Outline, Margin, Padding
CSS Dimension
CSS Display
CSS Max-width
CSS Position, Float
CSS Inline-block
CSS Align
CSS Combinators
CSS Pseudo-class, Pseudo-element
CSS Navigation Bar
CSS Image Opacity
CSS Image Sprites
CSS Media Types
CSS Attr Selectors

CSS3 Introduction
CSS3 Rounded Corners, Border Images
CSS3 Backgrounds
CSS3 Colors, Gradients, Shadows
CSS3 Text, Fonts
CSS3 2D Transforms, 3D Transforms
CSS3 Transitions, Animations
CSS3 Multiple Columns
CSS3 User Interface
CSS3 Box Sizing
CSS3 Flexbox
CSS3 Media Queries

CSS Responsive

RWD Intro
RWD Viewport
RWD Grid View
RWD Media Queries
RWD Images
RWD Videos
RWD Frameworks

Introduction To JAVASCRIPT

JS Introduction
JS Where To, Output
JS Syntax, Statements
JS Comments
JS Variables, Operators
JS Arithmetic
JS Assignment
JS Data Types, Functions
JS Objects, Scope, Events
JS Strings, Numbers
JS Number Methods
JS Math, Dates, Date Methods
JS Arrays
JS Array Methods
JS Booleans
JS Comparisons, Conditions
JS Switch
JS Loop For
JS Loop While
JS Break
JS Type Conversion
JS RegExp
JS Errors
JS Debugging
JS Hoisting
JS Strict Mode
JS Style Guide
JS Best Practices
JS Mistakes
JS Performance
JS Reserved Words


JS Forms
Forms Validation
Forms API


JS Browser BOM
JS Window
JS Screen
JS Location
JS History
JS Navigator
JS Popup Alert


JAVA QUERY Banner Integration



BS Get Started
How to use Bootstrap Frame work in website

Live Projects : RWD Project From Students

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